Top 5 Farmer’s Markets in LA

Farmer’s Markets have become super popular in Los Angeles. They are a great place to pick up the produce you need for the week while learning about where your food is coming from.

I love them because it’s a much more fun shopping experience than going to a regular chain grocery store. You can try mostly everything before you buy it and you are buying from farms and smaller local companies which makes you feel great!

Top 5 Farmers Markets in LA: 

  1. Larchmont Farmer’s Market – Every Sunday from 10am to 2pm. I love the Latchmont Farmer’s Market because of it’s amazing location. They also have a great selection of organics and fun crafts like jewelry.
  2. Beverly Hills Farmer’s Market – Every Sunday 9am to 1pm at the Civic Center. This Farmer’s market is great because it is spread out, small and not crowded. It also has a live local band to enjoy while you shop and enjoy your food!
  3. Brentwood Farmer’s Market – Every Sunday from 9am to 2pm. Brentwood is really big and has a lot of prepared food to offer so it is great for lunch! They also have the biggest selection of crafts. It feels more like a food fair than a farmers market and is always lively and fun!
  4. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market – Wednesdays 8:30am to 1:30pm . This one is great because it is mid week so if you run out of something you love you can get it mid week. It can also be less crowded because of the mid week hours but it usually still gets pretty crowded because of the amazing selection.
  5. Studio City Farmer’s Market – Sundays 8am to 2pm. This one is great for kids! They have a petting zoo and bouncy house along with other great activities for kids. Great time for the whole family with a great selection of food and crafts as well.

Above- My picks from the Larchmont Farmer’s Market Last week. The organic Pomegranites were on sale for a dollar and the beautiful olive wood coasters were just 3 dollars each!

Try a Farmers Matket this week for some of your groceries!

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