The Mental Power of Yoga

I’ve never really been into yoga. I’m not really about the OM life (there’s nothing wrong with it its just not my thing). But, over the past 10 years people have continuous suggested I do yoga to lower my stress level and help with my anxiety. I finally took their advice and WOW.


I’ve been taking classes at a yoga study for the past month. I like to do this to learn the techniques and then apply that at home. Form is the most important thing in many different types of workouts, especially yoga.

The first, and most well known, benefit of yoga is flexibility. The strengthening and stretching aspect of yoga is what draws most people to the activity.

Another benefit I have found from doing yoga is the affect it has on your mentality. When I leave yoga class my brain is completely clear and focused. It is extremely helpful when I have a lot going on and I can’t stop thinking of my to-do list. I would say that it is truly the most noticeable benefit you receive as soon as you start taking class.  To me it seems like the same feeling you have after you receive a massage: complete relaxation.

A lot of times we forget how important the mental aspect of our lives are.  We are busy individuals and keeping your mind healthy should be a huge priority. Someone once told me, “Our minds are like a computer. We need to shut them down and restart them every once and a while.” Yoga is the perfect way to reset your mind.  A healthy mind leads to other healthy decisions.

If you are deciding to do yoga, I say start with taking some classes through Groupon. Once you have mastered the correct form, you can practice those poses in your living room.  It’s just extremely important you get down the poses and forms with a professional first.
Wishing you health, wealth & happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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