The foam Roller- More Than Just a Stretching Tool!

The foam roller is probably my favorite piece of equipment that I have at home. I use it all the time. Many people have foam rollers and only use them for rolling out sore, tight muscles and stretching, but it is also an amazing work-out tool. You can do a full hour work out with the foam roller but today I will show you the on your back portion of the work out. It is an amazing chest opener and leaves you feeling worked out and also restored. It is a fabulous abdominal work out because while you are doing the exercises you are also using your abs to balance the entire time you’re on it!

There are two foam rollers I love using Pro Roller is great because it is soft and great for rolling out on and lying on for a work out. I also really like The LuxFit premium high density foam roller because it is harder which makes it harder to balance on and it is really affordable. The ones with the bumps and knobs on them are great for rolling out but not good for working out on.

If you already have your foam roller, try this workout! If not, order it from Amazon and you should have it in no time!

Chest opening stretch-

Start lying on your back on the foam roller with your head completely on and your tailbone towards the end. Open your arms out in 90 degree angles with the backs of your hands reaching for the floor. Let the weight of your arms open your chest. This will feel amazing, especially because we spend so much time hunching forward over our phones and computers!

The hundred-

The hundred is a great warm up for the core and will help you establish your balance on the foam roller. Start with your feet flat on the floor. Curl your head and chest up and reach long through your finger tips. Inhale as you pump the arms vigorously for 5 counts like you’re splashing water. Exhale as you continue pumping for 5 counts. Repeat for 10 breaths, and 100 counts!

The roll up-

Start on your back with your feet flat on the floor and your arms straight up to the sky. Roll up as far as you can keeping your feet into the floor and your balance centered. Getting all the way up is very hard so just to the tips of your shoulder blades is where most people will start. Repeat 10 times.

The Series of Five-

Single leg stretch  

Press your hands lightly into the mat for balance. Curl up. Bring one knee into your chest as the other leg extends to the high diagnosed. Repeat 10 times. If this is too challenging keep your head down.

Double leg stretch

 Start the same way as single leg stretch with both knees into your chest. Stretch both legs out on the high diagonal and pull them back into your chest keeping them glued together. Repeat 5-10 times. Feel free to leave your head down.

Single Stright leg stretch  
Same starting position. This time being the legs straight up to the sky and scissor the legs keeping them as straight as possible. Repeat 10 times.

Double straight leg stretch

Same starting position. Bring legs straight up to the sky. Lower them as low as you can go without losing the abdominal connection. Lift the legs back to the sky. Repeat 5-10 times.


Place the feet into the mat. Layer the hands behind the head. Curl up to one side then the other. repeat for 10 sets.

-Arm series

For the arm series you can use 2 or 3 pound weights or none! Keep your shoulders stable and reaching down towards your hips.

Start with arms straight up to the sky. Bring one arm back over head as far as you can with the shoulder staying stable and the other towards your hip. Switch and repeat 10 times.

Circle the arms 10 times in each direction. Only go as big as the shoulders stay stable.

Bring your elbows in tight to your sides. Stretch the hands to the hips and back up to the sky. Repeat 10 times.

Take your weights together above your head. Stretch the arms to straight and bend back to 90 degrees keeping the elbows stable. Repeat 10 times.

Open the arms wide to the side with a slight bend in the elbows like you are about to hug someone. Pulse once to open further.

Hug across your chest stretching your shoulders. Open and pulse again, hug across again switching the cross of your arms. Repeat 10 times.

This workout will challenge your abdominals further, help with balance, and open the shoulders, chest and back. It is great for any fitness goal and it is restorative on top of being a tough work out!

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