Friday Food Review: Backyard Bowls


The neighborhood I live in seems to have a new place to try every time I walk out the door. A couple weeks ago, I made my way down Beverly Blvd just past Fairfax to get coffee at the first Blue Bottle Coffee in LA which is excellent. Right next door was another new spot called Backyard Bowls. I absolutely had to try it immidieately because I am obsessed with acai bowls.


Backyard Bowls specializes in acai bowls, hot porridges, smoothies and more. What could be better? It is a heathy alternative to other fast breakfast and lunch options. Their website states that “the business also strives to minimize their earthy impact and promote a more conscientious form of business in general.” Everything they serve is energizing and healthy and will fuel your day and leave you feeling ready to conquer anything. They claim that after visiting the restaurant, “you will be at ease knowing that your decision not only was a personally healthful one, but one that cast a vote for a better world at large.” We absolutely felt this way after eating here!

Here is the menu:

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The first time I went, I tried the Tropical Ginger smoothie which was awesome. I love ginger. It was very refreshing and left me feeling invigorated. The second time I went, we got the Dragon Bowl and the Coco-Cado Bowl. Both were awesome and definitely enough for a full meal. I recommend acai bowls, steel cut oatmeal, and protein-packed smoothies to my clients as healthy breakfast options all the time because they truly keep you energized all day.


Another very cool, innovative idea Backyard Bowls had is their soundproof booth where everything is blended. Smoothie places tend to be great for grabbing a drink to go, but coffee shops are where you hang out with your computer or have meetings. At Backyard Bowls, you can sit and work and chat because their sound proof booth keeps the noise to a minimum.


The ambiance is fresh and modern but still earthy and comfortable. The mix of natural wood and exposed brick is the perfect amount of nature and city chic.

In short, you should try this place. I will definitely be frequenting it! It is so amazing to be able to love a place because of more than just the great product. It’s a business you can feel good about supporting, and a meal you can feel good about consuming!

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