Do what makes you happy!

A friend of mine once told me that the older she got, the less she cared about what other people thought of her.  I thought to myself, oh man I can’t wait to be at the age where I don’t care what people think about me. It’s a problem of my generation and its an even bigger problem for the generations after me.  With the explosion of social media, everyone wants to be liked or given hearts.  But what if we just all did what made us happy?


Do what makes YOU happy.  There you go!  I have given you all permission to find your joy.  Go out and live a happy life.  The truth is, we can just choose to be happy and we will be happy.  It won’t be a fake version of happy, it will be the real thing.

  1.  Only keep good people around you

There are so many times we don’t do things that we love because our peers don’t like to do those sort of things.  Or maybe they’ve made fun of that particular thing. But if you start to do something you really enjoy the people around you that are good for you will be supportive.  Focus on keeping those people close to your heart.  The people that motivate and inspire you to the best version of you.  Not an okay version of someone else.  

2.   Keep doing it over and over again

Sometimes we LOVE something and we just aren’t good at it.  That’s okay!  You can’t expect to be an expert over night.  It’s been said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something.  10,000 hours.  Be easy on yourself.  It’s all a process that we are all living through day by day.

3.   Start right now!

Most people like to say “I will start tomorrow” or “I will start on Monday”, what’s stopping you from starting right now?  Start doing whatever makes you happy right this second.

Self made happiness is the only type of happiness that is going to make you feel complete.  Find what you enjoy and do it.  Whether its writing, playing an instrument, dancing in the rain, singing at the top of your lungs; just do it (to quote both Nike and Shia).  Whatever it is love it and love yourself for doing it.

Wishing you health, wealth & happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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