Reasons to Ditch your Car and Ride a Bike! (at least part of the time!)

I recently bought a bike with the intention of commuting to work sometimes and riding it around the neighborhood to run errands with the occasional long weekend ride for exercise and fun! I am totally and completely converted. I can’t believe it took me this long living in LA to get a bike. Now when I get in a car, all I can think about is how much I would rather be biking. Here are some of the reasons you should ride a bike more and drive your car less!

  • It’s better for the environment:


Bike riding does not create any a air pollution like cars do. There are also no nonrenewable fuels burned while you’re riding your bike. Making bikes can still be a issue for the environment, but of there are sustainably-made bikes out there, like the bamboo bicycle above!

  • It’s better for your wallet:


Los Angelenos spend an average of $2,520 on gas a year (according to a 2010 Forbes study) and many of us spend much more. Riding a bike is a very affordable way to get around. Just owning a car and keeping up with services and insurance is incredibly expensive. You can get a good bike for $200. Even if you’re only riding your bike half the time, you will save gas money and ware and tear on your car.

  • It’s better for your body:

Cyclist riding a bike

Biking is great exercise! It’s an amazing way to work out efficiently because you are literally getting a work out on your way to work! It burns tons of calories. A 135 lb woman biking 12 to 14 miles an hour burns 488 calories in 60 min (Women’s Health). Biking also tones you all over. Your quads, glutes, and calves are working to move the bike and the handlebar tones your upper body as well so you are literally toning your body all over while riding a bike.

  • You avoid LA traffic: 


Angelenos waste an average of 63 hours a year stuck in traffic (according to Forbes, 2010). Thats almost 3 full days of our year wasted sitting, waiting, doing nothing. In many cases biking will get you to work faster than driving because you spend so much of the drive in traffic.

  • You avoid parking                           


Parking in the city can be a huge pain and also expensive if you’re parking in garages or at parking meters. People waste a ton of time looking for a good spot where you don’t have to pay. Avoid the whole parking mess by buying a good U lock and parking your bike just about anywhere.

  • It’s better for your mind:


Biking is meditative. It gives your mind a chance to rest. It is also a good source of exercise which creates endorphins and helps your mood. If you are feeling down or angry, hop on your bike and ride around a beautiful neighborhood. You will feel better in no time! It is also just a nicer way to experience the city you live in. Instead of being alone in a car, you are out in the fresh air seeing and smelling the world around you. You can talk to people and interact with the world in a way you never would alone in your car.

Go find yourself a bike and have fun out there! Happy riding, I’ll see you on the road.  🙂

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