Pets Make us Happier and Healthier!

If you’re a good, loving pet owner you already know that your pet makes you happier but did you know that having a pet improves your health as well? Pets drastically improve our mental and physical health.

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Spending quality time with your dog or cat lowers your stress levels and can even lower your blood pressure. People with dogs tend to get more exercise because you have to walk your dog multiple times a day. Many people even take up running or biking because they have a very active dog. Your dog will get you off the couch and out the door even on your laziest days!


Many studies show that babies raised in families with pets are less likely to get allergies and asthma. One study showed that babies with dogs or cats at home had fewer colds and ear infections than babies with no pets. Another study showed that kids relate better to their classmates with autism when pets are in the classroom.


Minnesotta stroke institute found that owning a cat can reduce a persons chance of dying from heart disease. People who own cats were 30 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Having pets improves your mental health in many ways. Being a pet owner helps you to be less lonely, and gives you a sense of meaning, if you feel like you are needed by your pet you are likely to have more control over your life and the decisions you make.

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Pets also help our social lives. You are likely to meet people and talk to people while walking your dog. People love animals so they will feel more comfortable starting conversations with you while you’re with your pet.

These are just a few of the many reasons pets keep us healthy and happy!

I grew up in a house full of animals we had cats, dogs, a bunny and even horses! I have always been a believer in the household dog or cat. I was amazed at how strong a connection a human can have with their pet.  I didn’t realize just how much animals can change our lives until I got my first pet as an adult. There is a big difference between your parents bringing home a dog and taking it to the vet while you occasionally walk and feed it and you rescuing an animal and being completely responsible for it. Rescuing animals has changed my life! I LOVED my childhood pets but I feel a different kind of love for the pets I rescued. Rescuing animals is so rewarding and DEFINITELY addicting. If I could, I would rescue all the cats and dogs out there.

If you already have a pet give them extra attention and love today for changing your life in such a positive way 🙂

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