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Screenshot_2015-07-28-09-40-18~2Why we’re crushing on Casey:

Casey is a gorgeous and amazingly talented actress, but we fell in love with her before we saw her on the big screen! After spending just one minute with Casey, you will find that her inner beauty is the most astonishing thing about her. Her kindness, generosity and honesty shine through in everything she does. We admire her easy going attitude, her free spirit and her love for adventure and trying new things. Casey stays healthy and active by doing the things she loves and is up for anything! We especially admire her ability to stay true to herself and stand up for what she believes in, while being one of the most accepting people we know.  She lives her life to the fullest, she is happiest spending time with her friends and family and especially her dogs!

She is incredibly compelling to watch. Her warmth and openness show just as much on screen as they do in person. Check out her work in The Shift and Cowboys Vs. Dinosaurs.

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What type of activities do you do to stay fit?

fun things; dancing, snowboarding, hiking, swimming, playing with my dogs, dancing in my car in traffic, hanging out with little kids, laughing.


What do you think is the key to a healthy lifestyle?

loving yourself, being grateful and knowing who you are and who you want to be. Living a balanced lifestyle in all aspects. Practicing how you want to live your life and remembering that failing means learning.

What’s your favorite asset?

Brain. I also like having strong legs. I used to be a catcher in softball and all the bending down on my toes strengthened my calves. So I have always been aware of keeping my legs strong. Its helpful for all activity.

What is your LEAST favorite workout? But why do you still do it?

running because I like the feeling afterwards.

If you had to choose any healthy meal or snack what would it be?

homemade vegetable soup with a variety of fresh vegetables and lots of potatoes. So good.

We all have cheat days, what’s your poison?

chocolate brownies, chipotle burrito. Once I ate only chipotle for a month straight in college. Not too healthy of a life choice. 😉 but so good.

What inspires you to be healthy and active?

the way that I feel when I am active. It makes me feel good before, during, and after. I notice when I am not being active for a couple of days my body feels tired and I am not as happy or energetic. Staying active is good for your body and your brain.


If you could give girls any advice about loving their bodies what would you say?

EVERY body type is different and unique and beautiful. Depending on different areas and cultures beauty differs. You are beautiful because you are you. Being grateful is being confident. Feeling good and active and healthy is specific for you not what other people tell you. Find what activities and healthy food you like and do what works for you!

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