Stop saying “I’m Sorry”, starting say “Thank You”


I didn’t want to write this post.

I knew if I wrote this post and shared how I feel on this topic, I myself, would have to stop saying “I’m Sorry”.  Let me quickly clarify before we go any further. There are two types of  “I’m Sorry’s“.

1.  If you did something horrible and you are truly sorry for what you did.

2.  The sorry we use when we accidentally cut someone off in the middle of a sentence.

I have an issue with the 2nd “I’m Sorry”.  I say it all the time.  If I have a question I say it. Whenever I have to ask for help I say it.  I say it probably 100 times a day.  It needs to STOP.

When doing a little research for this post I stumbled across this awesome video from Pantene Pro-V and their #ShineStrong campaign.  It came out last year and has 16 million views, but it wasn’t one the videos passed around on my Facebook newsfeed (you know those videos we have all seen).  I think its worth a view.

How many of you say those two words in almost every scenario in that video?

(I’m slowly raising my hand)

Ladies, we have to stop saying I’M SORRY, like, right now and here is why:


Not only that; but, when you are ACTUALLY sorry for something, those two words have lost all meaning.  If you don’t believe me, keep track of how many times you apologize a day.  I dare you.  If you don’t say it very often, you are awesome.  Keep up the good work.  If you do say it, don’t.

We have to change this manner of speaking for ourselves.  I don’t want to be the person that apologizes all the time and people think they can walk right over.  I deserve better than that and so do you.  So lets make this change together.  Don’t apologize unless you really mean it.

Now what happens when we have the urge to say it?  I have the solution…

Start saying “Thank You” more.

Most of the time we are apologizing to be polite.  We want to be taken seriously and not seen as a bitch, so we apologize when we feel the slightest bit of wrong doing.  If you want to be polite just say “Thank You.”  Say thank you for everything and anything.  It helps you show that you are grateful and that you value other peoples feelings and opinions. I’m sure you actually do care about other people, but as a society we have stopped showing how thankful we are for things.  It has gotten bad out there.  I honestly think it would make the world a little bit of a better place if we all started saying “Thank you” a little more.

So ditch “I’m Sorry” and start saying “Thank you”.

For example: if you are running late just say “Thank you for waiting for me” and drop it.  You owe this to yourself.  If you stop saying “I’m Sorry“, you will stop being inferior.  Yes, we deserve to get equal pay in the workforce and be treated like equals all of the time.  Lets start treating ourselves like equals.   Then we can all slowly take over the world!   Thank you so much for reading

Health, Wealth & Happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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