Three Pretty Beans Goes to Vegas- Trip Highlights

As you all probably know by now, last weekend Three Pretty Beans went to Vegas. We had an amazing time. Before we kick off our quiet, regular Los Angeles weekend we wanted to reflect on the good times! We did so much in the short time we had there, so I chose 6 of my favorite experiences we had to share with all of you!

1) Juice Cocktails at Squeeze 


There’s no better way to start the day in Vegas than an alcoholic juice! This Juice bar is centrally located on the strip and serves regular juices to help your hangover and juices with shots of your favorite alcohol. The service was great and so were the drinks. We watched as they juiced the fresh fruit. Yum! 


2. Hat shopping at Goorin Bros. 


A couple doors down from Squeeze, you’ll find Goorin Bros. We were on a mission to find hats for the pool and we succeeded. We could’ve gone to Goorin Bros. right here in LA, but it took driving all the way to Vegas to discover how awesome this shop is! We had so much fun trying on hats. The employees were so amazing and the hats range from very affordable to very fancy. They sized my hat for me to make sure it wouldn’t blow away in the wind and my favorite part was choosing the feathers to put in the ribbon! You don’t have to go all the way to vegas to check out this great shop!

image2-2                     image4

3. Cocktails at the Chandelier


When everyone arrived we met for drinks at the Chandelier bar in the Cosmopolitan. It was such a cool atmosphere and the drinks were amazing and beautiful. They have creative takes on all your favorite drinks. The lounge feeling and big booths are comfortable for large groups.

image1         IMG_00114. Lounging by the pool


We stayed at the Bellagio so we couldn’t resist spending part of the day lounging by the beautiful pool or should I say poolS! It was so beautiful and even peaceful. We were able to order drinks and lunch without dealing with the chaos of one of the pool parties which was really lovely after a crazy night out.


5. The Picasso Exhibit at the Bellagio

                        image2-3                        image4-2 

Vegas isn’t just about partying, there are many cultural things to do as well! We had this Picasso exhibit right in our hotel. How cool is that? I was already truly amazed at how much you can do without leaving your hotel in Vegas, but this was better than I could’ve imagined. Check out the exhibit at the Bellagio now through January 10th, 2016.

image1-4       image5

6. Dinner at Julian Serrano at the Aria 


The most special part of our trip was our dear friend Hunter’s birthday dinner at Julian Serrano’s at the Aria. The food and atmosphere were perfect but the best part of the meal was the company. We were all together at many points of the trip but this was the only time where we were all in the same place for a substantial amount of time, able to visit with each other and celebrate our amazing friend’s birthday!

image3             image2

Three Pretty Beans is about health, happiness and wealth. Spending this weekend with some of the best friends we could ask for reminded us that true happiness and wealth come from the people we love! It is easy to get wrapped up in our busy, stressful lives. This weekend away reminded us of how important it is to spend time with those we love and don’t get to see all the time. Make it your goal for the rest of the summer to spend extra time with the people who make you happy. We all focus on our health and fitness goals, so lets focus on a happiness goal as well!

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