WCW: Misty Copeland

Why we are crushing on Misty:

I have been obsessing over Misty Copeland for the past 6 months or so. I’ve been following her on social media (@mistyonpointe) and have been mesmerized by her beauty and flexibility. Last week she made history as the first African American principal Ballerina at the America Ballet Theater. Which is a HUGE success.

Misty has been very open about her struggles with her body image. (The same issues we all seem to go through.) Where we compare ourselves to other people and start to hate ourselves because we aren’t enough like them. She said for 5 years she struggled and worked to figure out how HER body worked. How HER body could get lean. I think that’s an important lesson to learn. We shouldn’t be looking at how other people look and want to have what they have. We never will. We all have different body types and we need to focus on how ours works.

Not only did she have struggles with her body image, she was told she would never be a ballerina because of her body type. She didn’t give up. She worked harder and it may have taken a little longer but now at 32 she is a principal at ABT. Being a ballerina makes her happy and that’s what she is going to do.

Misty recently did a campaign for Under Armour “I Will What I Want” and it’s just so inspiring. Please take a second and watch the video below.  It makes me feel so secure in following my dreams and just being myself.  Because guess what?  No one else can be me or you, we are one of a kind.

Dear Candidate:

Thank you for your application to our ballet academy.  Unfortunately, you have not been accepted.  You lack the the right feet, Achilles tendon, turnout, torso length and bust.  You have the wrong body for ballet and at 13 you are too old to be considered.

Under Armor Campaign Video   


Health, Wealth & Happiness,

Ashley Sutton

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