Women Crush Wednesday- Brittany Underwood

Why we’re crushing on Brittany Underwood:

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Brittany Underwood is not only a total babe, she is also a wildly talented actress and singer who is fluent in Spanish (with a very sexy accent). She is one of the most passionate, driven women we know. Her focus and dedication to her art inspire us and we love that she always has a witty comment to lighten the mood. She recently took up beach volleyball and also happens to have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do! She inspires us to find something you love doing that keeps you active. We love that she doesn’t just go to the gym to stay fit, she gets out there and challenges herself physically and mentally by not just trying new things but fully delving into them.

We interviewed Brittany to learn more about her healthy lifestyle:

What type of activities do you do to stay fit?

I just started playing beach volleyball and I am hooked!  I take classes at South Bay Volley and private coach with Steve Ijams. He pumps you up so much that it makes you work extra hard, I love that! I think having someone who pushes you in any type of physical activity is super important to getting the most out of yourself.  

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What do you think is the key to a healthy lifestyle? 

Portion control, frequent meals, and a workout you enjoy doing.  If you hate working out, you just haven’t found what type of exercise is right for you. Even dancing can be a great workout if you put all you’ve got into it.

What’s your favorite asset? 

My stomach.  I work really hard to always have a flat stomach, it’s the one thing I care the most about.  I’m always flexing my abs whenever I think of it.  Walking, sitting, laying down, I always try to focus on keeping my abs tight.

What is your LEAST favorite workout?  But why do you still do it? 

Cardio. Hate it. I much prefer strength training. But I still do cardio because of how important it is to maintaing a healthy heart. I also feel like it pumps me up for the rest of my work out and the rest of my day. But in the moment, I hate life.

If you had to choose any healthy meal or snack what would it be? 

Baby carrots or sliced apples. Put them in a ziploc bag and they’re super easy to stick in your purse for when you’re out and about in your day.

We all have cheat days, what’s your poison?

Cheeseburgers…..I mean….they just…..speak to me.

What inspires you to be healthy and active?

The way I feel when I’m active.  It motivates me to do more with my day.  Whenever I go through periods of time when I don’t work out, I just feel lazy and unaccomplished. I’m in such a better mood when I’m active.

If you could give girls any advice about loving their bodies what would you say?

Some people think that the only beautiful body type is super thin. I think that’s crazy!   I’ve found myself being jealous at times of girls with more curves than me, because I think it’s so beautiful and attractive. There are times I wish I could put on more weight, but I’m never gonna let that make me hate my body the way it is now, and yes there are many skinny girls who are unhappy with their bodies.  But I don’t think a girls body type defines her beauty.  To me, it’s all about confidence and the way you carry yourself.  As long as you’re eating healthy and exercising,  it doesn’t matter how much you weigh. So girls, stop stressing the scale. Numbers can never show you how beautiful you are.

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  1. Excited to have stumbled onto this. Looking forward to more interviews. I know a TV producer who works out daily and just made a fitness show. She be a great interview. 😉

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