Traveler: Staying on your fitness program

I’m currently riding with my mom through Arizona (it’s 114 degrees y’all) as I write this lovely first post. I flew from Los Angeles two days ago to arrive in Nashville to then spend two days moving my mom to LA. ROAD
TRIP!  One of the biggest struggles of this trip wasn’t how fast we needed to get there instead it was ‘how am I going to stay on track fitness wise while on the road?’  I’ve been traveling quite a lot recently and I’m slowly figuring out how to make that possible. Here is what I’ve figured out so far:

1. Pack LOTS of snacks

snacks2 snacks

These are a few of the snacks I packed for my trip. The problem I ran into was I ate most of them on the plane and for dinner at the airport. I’m gluten free and my layover was in Vegas and let’s be honest nothing healthy happens there. We did stop on our trip and got more bars, healthy popcorn and yogurt. I just wish I had packed TONS more.  Even a whole bag of healthy snacks.  Honestly it’s just better to be over prepared than to be starving and having to shove a Chipotle salad down at 9 pm in Albuquerque.

2. Stay hydrated


I religiously live with this beautiful pink Nalgene bottle. I try to drink at least 2 a day which is 64 ounces of h2o. I made the mistake of not drinking enough before my flight because I don’t like airplane restrooms they scare me. Sidebar: Where does it all go?

When we got on the road I made sure to get through at least 2 liters of water a day. It may have added an extra stop or two but my body was very thankful and I didn’t get cramps from being crammed in the car.

3. Plan meals ahead of time

There are some cities even states you just can’t eat organic and healthy in.  The key we found was finding out what cities we would stop to eat in hours before we got there.  This way we didn’t arrive starving and eat anything in site.  We knew which restaurant we would eat at and picked the healthiest of all the options each city provided.  If you are gluten free like me there is this lovely app my mom introduced me to called “Find me GF”. It was a lifesaver! You can find the app here:  Find me GF

4. Exercise in your hotel room

I didn’t take a picture of me doing squats, push-ups and abs at 11pm after being up for almost 24 hours but I made it happen. It was only a little workout but it was something. Next time I might pack a set of 5 pound weights.  I also made sure to stretch each day so my body wouldn’t tighten up on the road.  My mom and I did try to walk around each day. The first day we walked around this giant mall in Oklahoma City to stretch our legs out and let our food settle.

The last day we stopped at this meteor crater.*  We walked around for a good hour exploring. It was a nice little break from the 14 hour day we had ahead of us.




The key is knowing traveling and being healthy will be tough. Don’t be hard on yourself! Just do the best you can and get back on track with your normal schedule as soon as you get home. As for me I will be doing some intense running when we roll into Los Angeles.

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness!


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